Friday, 22 February 2013

Music theory and sore knees...

So I haven't written in a while. Life and work have sort of got in the way as usual. Work has been suddenly very busy, I have another 3 new clients to add to my list of already 17. Running has been a great escapism for me and been going really well, but I have actually had a rather horrible flare up of reactive arthritis in the last week (brought on by that ghastly virus I had a little while back) which has brought my running to a grinding halt for a few days (I hope). Not only is this very frustrating, but it very much annoys me when I have to tell people what it is that I am suffering from. "Oh, you're far too young to have that?", is always the response I get. Yes, and don't I know it! But unfortunately, yes I do occasionally get the odd flare up and suffer for a little while, but it's one of those things, I just have to sit it out and wait for it to pass.
In the meantime, while I have not been able to run, I have actually found an interest and love for music theory. Bizzarly enough! It was one of those parts of music that I used to hate as a child, but now as an adult I can appreciate the benefits and usefulness that it creates. I have found a rather interesting online course which has been a great help in teaching me the fundamentals of music theory from Grade 1 up until Grade 6. It's definitely worth a look if you are about to take a Grade. So far this is has been going well, alongside me beginning to take my Piano Grades again (Grade 6 at the moment). And what better way to use my mind while sitting waiting for this blasted inflammation on my knee to go down!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bouncy new trainers

I have finally treated myself to some wonderful new running trainers. I thought it was about time, as I had my last pair for over a year and was beginning to get some pain in my feet. This could also be due to the fact that I have just started running again after a break of two months. Lack of motivation, the cold weather, getting too comfortable on the sofa, all contributed to this. After going to New York and seeing all the keen joggers in Central Park suddenly hit a nerve, and I realised how much I missed and enjoyed going out for a run. It is my way of meditating and being alone with myself and my favourite music for a while. Getting back out in the fresh air felt great, but those first few hills I came across felt rather harder than I remember!
So the trainers...

Asics GT 1000.

This is the pair I bought and I have now done about 6 miles in them so far. And, so far so good! Extremely comfortable, not too tight around the top of my foot, just the right amount of cushioning for me (I don't like too much cushioning or them to be too bouncy as it makes me feel like I'm cheating a little!) and I am also rather partial to the colour! I have always had a soft spot for a bit of purple... They were slightly more than I wanted to spend, but I did get brilliant advice from the running shop, where they spent about an hour with me analysing my gait and trying on about 7 different pairs. A couple of pairs I got to take outside for a little jog up and down the road to compare the differences. I couldn't decide between two, so the lady told me to put one shoe on one foot, and the other shoe on the other foot, and go for a little jog up the road to see which was better. I felt that this service was worth the extra money that I would have saved buying trainers on the internet. I think it is definitely worth spending extra money on something that is right for you and that is potentially going to save yourself any injuries in the future, rather than risking buying something 'just because it's cheap' and not trying it before hand. I also feel that when you have spent a small fortune on running shoes you will be more inclined to use them to get your monies worth. So my next task to keep me motivated is to sign up for a 10k, once I've paid there's no going back! I am also toying with the idea of a Tough Mudder type obstacle course race. Whether or not I am mad enough to do it is another matter, but could be good fun! And will definitely keep me motivated. Although I don't want to get my bouncy new trainers muddy...

Would I be mad enough to put myself through this? 
This scares me slighty... 
Maybe I'll stick to just the 10k for now....

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sleeping with the light on

It's 00.30 and once again I am wide awake having a slight panic about my irrational (well in my mind, very rational) fear of being in a house on my own in the dark. That one tiny little creak or tap I hear is clearly a burglar or scary monster breaking into and walking around my house downstairs. Of course I know (very very deep down) that it's not, and there must be some explanation. The annoying thing is I am usually fine all evening, until I turn the lights off and my mind decides to remind me that we haven't freaked out about the noises of the night in a while. I've even just sent the cat downstairs to have a check for me. I've heard nothing from her so I'm assuming *knock on wood*, that everything is ok.
I am now coming to the conclusion that it may be the gerbil trying to chew her way out of her cage, attempting to do a shawshank redemption type escape. I think I might just get up and take a look anyway. And take the baseball bat with me just in case...

Father visit

I am over my fathers tonight having a lovely meal and talk about relatives. He cooked a smashing veg roast with broccoli and spinach bake - yum! Veggie toad in the hole - can't beat your parents cooking!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A short one...

I am now over my cough/cold/virus etc! Yippee! I have been running (albeit on the treadmill at work, bloody snow and ice..) and has been great! Am thinking I am going to treat myself to some new running trainers at the weekend so will give a review once I get them.
This is only going to be a short post as I have just downloaded the Blogger app on my iPhone so thought I would try it out, and be lazy by not going into the study and turning my laptop on.
I am still yet to download the 1975 song 'Chocolate', I have absolutely no idea when it comes out... But I do have a new song of the week that I love - 'Please don't say you love me' by Gabrielle Aplin, the beautiful voice that brought us the gorgeous cover of 'The power of love'. 'Please don't say you love me' is another cheerful song, I am finding myself constantly pressing replay on youtube. I feel that I am obviously needing this while the weather is still so cold and bleak. Roll on spring and summer is what I say!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Old fashioned ink and parchment

I used to keep a diary as a child (and teen, and twenty something for that matter). From 1995 to 2009 I would write out my days doings and thoughts and feelings for the day. Bearing in mind I was 11 in 1995, it was more like a list of what I had done and then whether or not it was a good or bad day. This did improve and get slightly more interesting as the years went on. Thinking about it now I feel this is quite an impressive feat. I have never been one to routinely do something, I tend to get bored easily.
Each year I would enthusiastically go to the stationary shop and look forward to purchasing my new diary. I had some quite nice ones in this time, my favourite being a deep purple leather bound. Unfortunately, about a year ago, all but two of my diaries were ruined. My cat Charlie, god rest his soul, decided to mark the box that they were stored in. And when I say 'mark', I mean wee all over it. A lot. And making them smell like a extremely well used litter tray. So they all got thrown away. Bar 2008 and 2009. Whether or not this is relevant, or Charlie was actually trying to tell me something, I shall never know. Just so you know he was put to sleep last year due to illness, NOT because of the scent marking... I loved that cat more than anything.
This brings me to my thought of the day. Its such a shame that we don't use a pen and paper so much anymore. Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets have now taken over as a means of documentation and appointment keeping. I too have now converted to using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Iphone as my work appointment diaries this year. I no longer keep an actual diary like I used to. This is actually one of the reasons I decided to write a blog. That, and the potential of making thousands of pounds!  ;)
So is it better to write things out on paper? Or keep them on a computer? I find it interesting the way the world is changing so fast and everything is now being done digitally. Texting now replaces phone calls or letters. I wonder if the younger generation at school is now losing their ability to actually hand write? In one sense, after the cat wee experience, it IS much better to be able to keep things safe on computers. Although I had a problem with my Tablet the other day, for some reason it deleted a load of my clients from my diary without telling me. Of course this was highly confusing and annoying. I swore at it and wished for my pen and paper back. That doesn't disappear so easily!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My first!

'Thinking about how to think' about this at the moment. My first blog. Where to start?

I am currently recovering from the typical common cold, which to me has felt more like pneumonia or the plague, not that I'm a hypochondriac or anything... But seriously, this has to be worse than an extreme bout of man flu.. I haven't slept properly for 5 days through coughing, so my mind is flitting all over the place!
What has been getting me through this tough time though, is my song for the week, or month even - The 1975, Chocolate! It is soooo catchy and happy I can't get it out of my head! I can't wait for this cold to be over and be back to normal health so I can get my running trainers back on, put my headphones in (once 'Chocolate' has been released that is, not actually sure on the date yet) and have a trot down the road with it lifting my spirits in these cold winter months to motivate me forwards! Perfect running track I think. And I'm sure scientifically it is the correct BPM for running or something...

Anyway, have a listen ....